We are Lorena, Natalia and Isabel the founders of Cool Shopping concept.
Stoooop!!! ¿What does mean Cool Shopping?

The Cool Shopping is about looking forward and bringing the latest fashion trends to Pascuala. ¿Do you feel hesitant when you go to the shopping? ¿Or do you want to buy online and there are so many items that you do not choose anything? There is a new type of woman out there. The woman that values her time, the one that is interested in business and wants to achieve the best.

Getting dressed into Pascuala is an authentication of this type of woman, it means to include more women in our concept and allow you to take risks, being not afraid and feeling Cool. We invite you to enjoy what you are and release your potential through your confidence.

What we do as Cool Shoppers, is to search in the best brands, the most risky, authentic and sophisticated clothes.

¡Welcome to Pascuala!

“Fashions junkies and a big fan of different, this has always been an inspiration for what we choose”

Contact us, if you have a questions!